The Palace Builder is a constructing simulation game set in the romantic upper class planet of French aristocracy. You will style and handle the building of the most stunning structures in the kingdom. Will your perform attract the focus of the Queen, or will a secret destroy your possibilities for fame and fortune?

Young Gabrielle has usually been fascinated by architecture and the building of stunning buildings and landscapes. Sadly, when her father attempted to apprentice her to a master architect, the master refused due to the fact she was a girl. Not a single to give up, Gabrielle's father devised a strategy to dress her up as a boy and managed to get the master architect to accept “Gabriel” as his new apprentice.

Now that Gabrielle is capable to discover from a master, she has to promptly discover every little thing she can, and show just how excellent an architect she can be. And that is exactly where you come in your process is to assist her style and create the ideal palaces as she gradually operates her way towards extra complex styles and larger commissions from the cream of the French aristocracy. And who knows… perhaps she will get to style and create a palace for the Queen some day. That is if her cover does not get blown and her deception gets revealed initial!

The Palace Builder is a “town” builder comparable to the Construct-A-Lot series, but with quite a few special points going for it. In regular town-constructing games, every single map has a grid that you need to have to create homes on. In The Palace Builder, every single plot of land you get is an open region exactly where you can style and create your dream palace any which way you want.

The worker and resource management for The Palace Builder is slightly extra complex as effectively. There are gardeners who are made use of to create and keep gardens, drafters to draw up plans for buildings, builders to construct the buildings, and sculptors to make attractive decorations and ornaments. There are also four various varieties of sources that you need to have to preserve an eye on.

At every single level, you have a plot of land to create on, and a set of objectives you need to have to total. These objectives contain constructing a set quantity of specific buildings, and also how considerably appeal your complete palace plot generates. Appeal is how stunning the spot is and how considerably the neighbors like it, and is earned when you total buildings and decorations. Usually the extra costly and lengthy the building is, the extra appeal the structure generates. Attaining sufficient appeal every single level permits Gabrielle to total a section of her personal palace as effectively.

When you get started the game, you only have access to the most fundamental of structures which includes a chateau, stables, gardens and fountains. As you progress, you will acquire access to a entire selection of structures with which to decorate your plot and boost its appeal. You have to be cautious although quite a few of the structures have numerous stages of building, every single with various resource and worker needs.

The graphics in The Palace Builder are not amazing it feels slightly dated with its two dimensional art compared to other modern games which boast amazing 3D visuals. Having said that, it does add a handful of touches that make it enjoyable. Whilst you are preparing and constructing your palaces, you will get animations of the French aristocracy enjoying the benefits of your perform. The ladies will be quietly strolling about or getting a picnic, when the males will be dueling every single other with their swords all about your gardens and statues.

All round, this game is a step in the ideal path for town-constructing simulation games. In other town-constructing games, you are either permitted to construct buildings only in distinct plots, or need to have to demolish roads to transform the landscape, or are restricted in constructing placement due to efficiency troubles. The freeform style and building in The Palace Builder is a good transform that will appeal to gamers who like to make aesthetically pleasing operates of art!

Rating: 4./5.