Jet or Fly Motion: Complete speed shallow motion ordinarily by a wing, slot or flanker. Very normally this is really extended and can be run just behind the quarterback in indirect snap offenses or in front or behind a quarterback in direct snap (shotgun) offenses. In jet or fly motion the motioning back has to run close sufficient to the quarterback to acquire a direct handoff or fake handoff.

Orbit or Rocket Motion: Related to jet motion but it is deeper, normally four-7 yards deeper than the quarterback. The motion back is in a position to acquire a pitch or fake pitch from the quarterback normally taking the pitch nicely to the playside of the made play. This form is normally made use of in indirect snap offenses (QB beneath center) to get outdoors speedily with depth.

Wyatt Double Wing Motion: Out of the Double Wing Offense produced well-liked by Hugh Wyatt, a extremely brief deliberate motion just just before the snap. This is normally just 3 measures and made use of to place the wingback in a position to acquire a extremely brief toss from the quarterback just behind a extremely tightly aligned fullback. This exceptional style is made use of to give the back some momentum, place him in position to get a extremely quick to acquire toss, set the defense up for counter and trap plays and square his shoulders to the line of scrimmage as he runs to the off-tackle hole.

Reset motion: Practically complete speed and made use of by a back to realign himself to a distinct aspect of the field. Very normally made use of in a variety of passing sets to isolate superior receivers on weak defensive backs or to support totally free receivers from powerful pressing defensive backs.

Flow Motion: Slow and deliberate and made use of to place the motion back in a extra strategic position or to get the defense to flow in a particular path. This motion is normally no more rapidly than a slow jog.

The keys to utilizing motion in youth football are take off cadence, speed and landmarks.

When youth football plays are made with motion you have to establish what form, it should really be primarily based on what you are attempting to achieve with it. Subsequent it really is vital to teach when the motioning player will begin. We get extremely particular with this, if our cadence is Shift, Down, Prepared, Set, Go, we may perhaps inform our wingback on our spinner series plays to begin his flow on the “S” of “Set”. This is a football play exactly where we are utilizing flow to each place the motion man in a position to acquire a handoff as nicely as to get linebackers flowing away from two doable ballcarriers on the play. The speed of this wingback is a slow deliberate jog on all spinner series plays.

The motion man has two landmarks on this play, the 1st landmark is his endpoint, the point he will be at when he either gets a handoff or fakes finding a handoff, this aiming point determines his path. On the spinner plays, the motioning wingbacks landmark is the back heel of the ideal foot of our fullback. The flow mans other landmark is exactly where he will be at the “G” of go, the point exactly where we snap the football. At the “G” of go we want the motion back to be ideal behind the ideal guard, but of course at the depth that makes it possible for him to be at the heels of the fullback. The second aiming point offers the motioning back a landmark that tells him if he should really quicken or slow up his motion.

As most of you know, the landmarks need to be arranged in a way that guarantees the motioning back is operating in a path that never ever requires him toward the line of scrimmage just before the snap, his motion path need to constantly be parallel to the line of scrimmage or away from it. Several instances in youth football games you see a motion player move toward the line of scrimmage just before the snap and the group gets flagged five yards for illegal motion.

Jet or fly motion is one thing we added this year and it was a enormous good results. The complete speed jet permitted us to stretch the field horizontally and gave us a a lot more rapidly hitting sweep play as nicely as gave us a different solution to run our base plays out of. The jet is the most tricky motion I have taught in youth football, this is the second group I've been capable to use jet motion with. If you never have a nicely executing group with superior ballhandlers, this is not the series of football plays or flow you want to use. This is NOT the answer to the struggling group that can not execute their base plays, this is one thing a extremely superior or at least nicely executing group adds to it really is arsenal to get them more than the top rated of late season hurdles. The motion is a lot longer as the motion males are 7 to 14 yards from the finish man on the line of scrimmage. The motion is at 100% complete speed, therefore if the timing is not fantastic the motion man can overrun the mesh point of the handoff or the snap happens nicely just before the motion man arrives and you shed the deception, head begin, and timing that this motion is supposed to present you with.

We begin the motion of our jet motion backs on the “R” of prepared. Their landmark is the front foot closest to the motioning back of our “Quarterback”. We want the motion man to be at the midpoint of the second offensive lineman to his side at the “G” of go, his second landmark. This landmark is wider than our spinner series simply because our snap is about a yard deeper, it requires the ball longer to get to the “Quarterback” and simply because the motion back is at complete speed he gains ground a lot more rapidly than when we run our spinner series.

The jet requires a considerable quantity of time to get the timing down nicely. That is why we never recommend placing it in till your base “Sainted Six” plays are down completely, possibly it really is one thing you add in midseason for that bully opponent or late season playoff run. For quite a few youth football teams, it really is one thing you never add at all, if your base football plays are not fantastic, never bother with it.

When repping the jet motion plays its extremely vital that the cadence stays continual. If the cadence is varied the timing will be off, it has to be the very same each and every time. You will also see that the variances in your motion players speed will throw the timing off as nicely. You will have to differ the distance the players are split out to insure they are at their landmarks at the ideal instances. The more rapidly players split out a small additional, the slower ones a small tighter. If your motion man on the jet is not operating at complete speed, the series just is not extremely efficient. You will see from our 2007 Season DVD that the 1st game we had the jet series in we weren't practically as efficient as we had been later in the year when our players had been 100% confident in going complete speed.

An additional factor to hold in thoughts when operating any plays in motion your motioning player has to be set for 1 second just before he goes in motion. Your cadence has to permit for him to be set for a complete second just before he motions. If you place him in motion immediately after a shift, he has to be set for 1 second immediately after the shift. Some youth football coaches consider that a player has to be in motion for 1 second just before the ball is snapped, that is not correct, a player can motion a nanosecond just before the snap and nevertheless be legal.

You can not on the other hand go in motion in a way that somehow simulates the snap. I constantly demo the jet motion to the referees just before the game. One particular expected our motion to be a bit extra deliberate as to not simulate the snap. In that case, we just had the motion back gradually drop his inside foot back two feet although facing the opposite sideline as he began his motion, we adjusted his takeoff as nicely to be at the “N” of down. Right here is the ruling on that, Federation book (7-1-7):

“Right after the ball is prepared-for-play and just before the snap, no false begin shall be produced by any A player. It is a false begin if:

a. A shift or feigned charge simulates action at the snap.

b. Any act is clearly intended to bring about B to encroach.

c. Any Group A player on his line in between the snapper and the player on the finish of his line immediately after getting placed a hand(s) on or close to the ground, moves his hand(s) or tends to make any speedy movement.

Use motion wisely in youth football, make confident it tends to make sense for exactly where your group is at from a improvement and execution standpoint. When made use of wisely it is a tremendous weapon.